Best Sashimi restaurant in Aruba


Did you know that in Hanasaki you can find the best Sashimi? Here you have the opportunity to taste one of the best Asian gastronomies.

Among our menus you will find this dish, a Japanese delicacy that focuses on fresh fish or seafood with thin cuts, but thicker than carpaccio.

By itself, Sashimi in Japanese means “to savor an ingredient by itself”. So don’t miss the opportunity to try this dish in our restaurant.

We use the best ingredients to prepare this dish. Our secret is to maintain the highest quality standards in the preparation.

In addition, our chefs are experts in fine cuts, to maintain a small slices presentation and give the best impression.


It is one of the most classic dishes of Asian gastronomy. It is an original way of consuming salmon.

¿ Do you know the best thing? We can serve it with soy sauce or dip it in any other sauce.

We use the highest quality pieces for this recipe, such as salmon loin, and we make sure to clean the fish of bones very well to facilitate its preparation.


This dish will blow your mind. You will be surprised by the delicacy of the cuts that combine in perfect harmony with the sauce.

Our tuna recipe offers you a fresh, clean dish covered in soy sauce with sesame seeds.

In our sashimi restaurant the mixtures will be perfect with small drops of dressing in oil or juice.


There are a variety of ways to enhance the flavors on the palate. With our crab-based recipe you can check it out.

We elaborate this dish with the best crabs, processed and ready for you to taste them whenever you want.

Where to eat the best sashimi in Aruba?

In Hanasaki we offer you the best service. You can make reservations, visit our place or order by WhatsApp 738-0227.

What is sashimi in gastronomy?

It consists of a precise and elegant cutting technique, about 2 cm wide, which provides an excellent presentation in Asian cuisine.

How is sashimi served?

It is usually served raw, although some of its ingredients can be slightly cooked. For example, if it is combined with octopus, it is boiled for a short period of time.

What sauces accompany sashimi?

It can be served with a sauce, either soy sauce, ponzu, plums, lemon juice, karashi mustard, or even with wasabi or ginger.

What is the difference between sashimi and carpaccio?

Sashimi is thinly sliced, but thicker than carpaccio. In addition, the former can be accompanied by garnishes.

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